Beat the January Blues

Decorations have been placed into storage. The hustle and bustle of get togethers with friends and family has passed. Remnants of holiday meals have been thrown out (or consumed). Regular work schedules have resumed. Initially, you may feel elated that you finally have an opportunity to relax. However, many people report feeling down during this time of the year, when the anticipation and hectic agendas of the holidays have concluded. In fact, more people report feeling depressed in January compared to any other month. Whether this is due to shorter days, frigid weather, or a dip in funding from the holiday season, you do not have to suffer those January blues. Here are eight ways you can take action now to maintain positive energy and focus for the months to come.

  • Move Around! Many people report feeling sluggish and lacking energy in the winter months. Join a gym or enroll in an exercise class. Go for a walk outside. Practice yoga or Pilates at home. These activities release endorphins and help regulate mood and sleep patterns.
  • Be social. Make plans with friends and family rather than relying only on special occasions to engage in social activities. This will also give you events to look forward to in the coming months.
  • Cleanse. You may be feeling the common “bloat” of the holidays due to all of the delicious cookies, pies, and perhaps, spirits. Rather than focusing on a specific diet, take this time to cleanse your body by drinking plenty of water and eating healthier in general.
  • Get organized. It may have been difficult to maintain a clean and neat household during the busy holiday season. Take this time to organize and decrease clutter at home. Decorate using calming colors or pictures of loved ones.
  • Complete a project. Whether it is a piece of décor for the home or a bathroom upgrade, creative thinking and planning will help boost your sense of accomplishment while also improving the feeling and mood of your home.
  • Plan a trip. Taking a break from your everyday routine can leave you feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. Plan a weekend getaway or a day trip to a fun event.
  • Join a group or start a new hobby. If friends are busy, consider joining a club or group to meet people near you with similar interests. Take that cooking class you have been considering or learn to play an instrument. Find an activity that requires effort and commitment in addition to enjoyment.
  • Look forward to the year ahead. Consider reasonable and obtainable goals you want to accomplish this year and identify actions you can take to achieve these objectives. Write down the necessary steps in a journal or blog to help keep you on track. Remember to think positively about the future and the year ahead.

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